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Welcome to Miles Better!  

We are specialists in engine eco-mapping that helps save money on diesel - up to 15%. Our diesel upgrades reduce your emissions too - which is better for the planet and helps meet your environmental targets.  

The award-winning VIEZU Technology that we use has already been installed on over 24,000 vans for BT and 400 for Homeserve, as well as many other smaller fleets. BT subsequently made a reported saving of £4m a year and picked up the cost saving initiative award at the Fleet News Awards.

New technology makes engine mapping easy - with no mechanical intervention and no use of chemicals - the process if entirely green.  We simply plug in a laptop to the vehicle’s ECU, take a reading and upgrade the files. It is fully insured with a 30 day money back guarantee.

We can also help you with bespoke power upgrades for both petrol and diesel vehicles.

Get in touch for free advice or an estimate. The VIEZU system is safe, fully insured and ISO approved, to give you total peace of mind.

If your diesel vehicle is more than five years old or has high mileage, we recommend you have an engine clean before we work on improving your fuel economy and engine performance, to ensure you get the maximum benefit. We can help to facilitate this work too if needed, by using our “Which?” approved engine cleaning partners.


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Our business spends £10,000 a month on fuel. The cost of remapping our 15 vehicles is between £3-4,000. This means we will recover the cost in the first six weeks and make huge savings thereafter.
— Steve runs an engineering company and is trying to save money on fleet management
It’s my job to recommend savings to my clients - it is a complete no-brainer to remap your diesel vehicle to save money, and the more mileage you do, the more you save.
— Charlotte is an accountant based in the Cotswolds
Although I believe that electric vehicles powered by sustainable green energy are the future, something still needs to be done about the millions of diesel vehicles on Britain’s roads. I applaud the efforts of Miles Better Motoring Ltd for their eco-mapping product and their passion for green business.
— Daisy Botha, Founder of Cotswold Vegan Events and Green Energy Marketeer
Me and my family often travel to Devon for holidays and mini breaks. After having my VW Transporter upgraded by Miles Better, I can complete the journey at a more consistent speed and with less of a struggle on the hills.
— Dave wanted his van to have more power, when he used it to pull his caravan. We installed a bespoke VIEZU upgrade that gave him more power - an additional 76BHP on the original 102 and 150Nm of extra torque.
Great service and engine upgrade from a very professional team. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to get better performance and economy from their vehicles.
- Stuart, Business owner, Rennes, France
— Stuart remapped his Mercedes C63 AMG with us and he upgraded his 451 horse power engine to 500bhp.

Our promise

Miles Better promises to bring you the highest quality eco and performance maps for your car. We use award-winning VIEZU Technology, which has been tried and tested with installations on over 100,000 vehicles worldwide.  We pledge to help vehicle owners and managers get the very most from their driving experience - by helping save money, reduce emissions and improve performance.  If you are not satisfied with our service, we offer a 30-day full money-back guarantee and will remove the upgrade free of charge.


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