miles better shine!

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The all-female valeting & detailing crew!

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Basic exterior valet - washing all bodyworks, windows and wheels - from £35

Basic interior valet - vacuum, window, trim and dash clean - from £35



  • Enhanced exterior detail - snow foam, clay bar, wax sealant, dressing trim and tyres from £90

  • Super enhanced exterior detail - additional full body machine polish, wheel removal for brake clean from £250

  • Supagard Paint Protection application from £300

  • Headlight clearing from £40 a pair

  • Enhanced interior detail - steam clean upholstery, trims and headlining, application Supaguard leather or upholstery protection from £90

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Restyling/colour change

Front grille from £20

Wing mirrors from £80 a pair

Front splitter from £120

Other trim from £20

4 Alloys from £300