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Modern cars and their electronic engine management systems are highly sophisticated - monitoring and controlling every aspect of how a vehicle runs. Significant gains - both in terms of power and economy - are now a safe, reliable proposition for a vast range of vehicles. But a performance map isn’t just about outright power or speed; if you tow a caravan, you’ll appreciate more torque when pulling uphill. If you have sharper throttle response and reduced flat spots, driving becomes that bit more rewarding, even without a big increase in horsepower. Some of the advantages of a performance upgrade include:

  • More performance and power when you need it

  • Greater torque across the whole rev range - great for towing

  • Sharper, quicker throttle response

  • Smoother, quicker delivery of power

  • Reliable, quick and easy to install

  • Can be reverted to ‘stock’ when needed

Whether your car is a small, economical model or a high performance supercar, there's always power that can be released from an upgrade. We work in a safe, responsible way - a bit more power is useless if your vehicle becomes unreliable, smokes or breaks down! All our upgrades are subject to demanding quality standards, combined with extensive research and development, emission testing and rigorous attention to detail.

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specialist upgrades

  • Improve the shift response and launch control feature of your paddle-shift gearbox with our tailor-made DSG gearbox upgrades.

  • VIEZU has long been a tuning partner for race teams, including Team HARD - competitors in the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC, GT and VW championship chargers as well as Renault Clio and Mini Cup racing.  Ask about our range of upgrades for motorsport.